Poetry of Separation

Sojung Bahng, Poetry of Separation, Generative Dance Film, 10min, 2015


Poetry of Separation is a short dance film about separation that includes acting, contemporary dance and mime. The theme of this film is the essential pain of separation and the beauty of accepting fragility as a solitary human being. The film uses acting and contemporary dancing to reveal the emotional curves of one couple after separation. A third person, the mime, embodies the universality of love and solitude.



new-dance-cinemaThe short film was screened at New Dance Cinema 2015 in New York

  • Acting: Kyong Hwang, Jong Wook Yang, Tae Kwon Lee
  • Visual Supervisor: Kyoung Suk Park
  • Cinematographer: Wonseok Choi
  • Art Director: Saeon Im
  • Jimmy Jib: Ju Cheon Moon
  • Assistant Director: Hyo Kyung ¬†No
  • Sound Operator: Hyo Jin Shin
  • Producer: Min Kyungguk
  • Line Producer: Hyun Jin Oh, Hye Jin kim

SONY DSCMulti-layered Screen: Doowon Yoo

The media installation was presented at ArtsIt2014 in Istanbul