SOMPLEXITY, Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul, Korea, September 2015

SOMPLEXITY is an Art & Technology exhibition that represents the various layers of ‘썸(some)’ through the collaboration of art, technology and science. This exhibition presents the different significant moments individuals confront consciously and unconsciously in human relationships. SOMPLEXITY explores the features of ‘썸(some)’ in terms of ‘complexity’ – a term for describing a system that has many coaffecting variables that interact in diverse and unpredictable ways. The exhibition examines the chaotic process of forming relationships by combining various sciences and technologies such as neuroscience, new media and physics.





Jaehyun Shin

Synchronicity Music Box (Interactive Sound Installation 2015)

Synchronicity Music Box is an EEG musical instrument operated by two people interacting with each other. In this artwork, different types of analogue musical instruments are played when two individuals reach the same brainwave frequency. For example, soothing sounds are played when the participants reached Alpha waves together, and if they experience Gamma brainwaves simultaneously, the instruments producing discordant noises operate in real time automatically.



Wonseok Choi

SoMe Chair (Interactive Mixed Media Installation 2015)

Two individuals sit on a SoMe Chair and wearing EEG detectors and heartbeat sensors. Their brainwave frequency and heartbeat rates are linked to each other’s senses delivered through light, sound and vibration. They exchange unlimited, unfixed, circular interaction through the chair, however, their communication stays illusory.


img_4071 img_4067

Joong Hee Soh, Sojung Bahng

Generative Light (Interactive Light Installation 2015)

Generative Light is an interactive LED artwork generating light by detecting the heart rate of audiences. The affective LED light symbolizes neurons in the heart and unlimited mirrored images project the audience’s emotional patterns as networks in the brain.



Sojung Bahng

Differential of Memory (Generative Expanded Cinema 2015)

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Jungmin Woo

Space, Difference, Dot: 4320cuts (1 Channel Video, 3min 2015)

The video reveals nonlinear fragmented digital images by using dots in a video, symbolizing recognition gaps among three people.


3v6a0153 3v6a0152Same Bed Different Dreams, Performance, directed by Jaehyun Shin


3v6a0226Round table discussion among artists, a curator and a science director 

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  • Attending artists: Jaehyun Shin, Wonseok Choi, Sojung Bahng
  • Project leader, curator: Sojung Bahng
  • Science director: Jaegeun Lee
  • New media supervisor: Lim Kok Yoong
  • Engineer: Patrick Hutchings
  • Curatorial manager: Jungmin Woo
  • Space designer: Yunim Yang
  • Collaborating artists: Joong Hee Soh, Jungmin Woo
  • Planning team: Hobin Kim, Seokpyo Hong, Wonseok Choi